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We create warm, casual and laid back homes that are practical and elegant at the same time.

We fuse many different styles into our interiors to create the perfect aesthetic, while still meeting our clients’ needs and requirements. 


Our team can take care of the entire process from CAD plans to full implementation and project management of the most prestigious properties in the world. 



GRK Design transforms commercial spaces into beautiful and useable areas. We believe that all elements that inform the character of a commercial interiors development must work together, from context to internal form, flow and aesthetic, to the needs of the inhabitants.

We work with a wide range of commercial industries, including:


  • Hotel

  • Food & Beverage

  • Resort

  • Gaming & Entertainment 

  • Spa & Wellness 

  • Transportation


A private jet is the epitome of high-class, and it is for this reason it must be decorated with items that perfectly reflect the personalized elegance of each and every aircraft. 


With established experience within the aviation sector, we know the specific needs within an aircraft such as weight, storage considerations and even safety features. We base our design approach on these particular needs, maximising practicality and functionality together with aesthetic artistry. 



Whether for new projects or owners looking to enhance the existing concept of their yacht, GRK Design offers the complete service and variety of luxury products to create the perfect final touch. 


We support global projects with bespoke luxury interiors for owners, yacht designers and shipyards worldwide. We are integrated into the creative project from the beginning, working with specialised nautical interior designers to effectively provide the appropriate finishing decorations. 

Additionally, we cater to captains, chief stewards, brokers, and fleet managers who are looking to replace products as needed, order items for a new season, or would like to meet specific needs of a charter client. 

        Our services :

Yacht Interior & Exterior

   vynil wrapping

  (Interior options include: fine woods, stones,   marbles, metals and leathers)

UV Window Tinting to reduce geat, glare and   UV damage from the sun

  increasing privacy onboard.

 Surface Protection to protect your high traffic

  interior and exterior areas onboard  using our range of transparent, 

 self-healing and fully hydrophobic 

 surface protection films.


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