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Imagine a Yacht of the Future

Now imagine a yacht of the future, with futuristic lines and great visual impact, with a revolutionary owner's suite in the bow and up to 50% more roominess than boats of the same length, another chapter in the book of nautical design.

To be a Yacht of the future it is a priority for the owner to have a unique and intense experience aboard his yacht, which is why a glass structure is the right choice. Thanks to the large windows, the owner will enjoy, from his bed, an uninterrupted view at 200 degrees, as if he were in direct contact with the sea. It is a wonderful feeling and this is a revolutionary layout.

“Today more than ever”, it is difficult to spend time with our loved ones; for this reason, when we manage to be together, we must make sure that it is a special time for everyone, regardless of age and interests, that can be enjoyed with family or friends, which does not compromise, challenging all the stereotypes related to the concept of yacht and its use.

Last but not least, speed: if, on the one hand, the frenetic rhythms of today's life do not allow long voyages and the speeds of classic displacement yachts make it difficult to plan a cruise, on the other hand there are more and more owners of planing hulls who - beware to environmental issues and the economic aspect - they begin to tire of running at 30 knots on the water.

Even the outdoor space has been studied in detail: to meet the new needs of owners, Wally has in fact studied a system to protect the 144 square meters of outdoor area from sun, wind and rain. The pillarless top that extends towards the stern to protect the main deck and the side glass panels shelter the dining and relaxation area, guaranteeing a breathtaking view.

The fun of the cruise then includes activities in direct contact with the water. The collapsible sides expand the beach club area to the level of those typical of superyachts, with an area of 32 square meters and access to the sea on three sides, in an unprecedented configuration. Furthermore, two hidden garages, capable of accommodating a four-meter tender and numerous water toys, offer unprecedented stowage capacity for yachts in this category.

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